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College Park Animal Hospital

Kitten Packages

Congratulations on your new purring bundle of furry joy! Kittens are super cute, quite entertaining, and give us lots of love.

Gray brindle cat sitting perched on a staff member with a black hoodie on

Our kitten package is designed to help you and your little one have the very best start to your new life together!

Your new kitten is vulnerable to disease in its first weeks and months and needs a properly designed program of vaccines and boosters. Some kittens harbor parasites too, so an exam and deworming treatment are very important.

We are privileged to be here for your and your new kitten at this exciting time. Our team will share with you special tips, advice, and information to help in the care and feeding of your new little bundle!

Our Kitten Package Includes

  • 2-3 pediatric wellness visits with your kitten’s veterinarian (as recommended).

  • Core kitten vaccines (tailored to meet your kitty’s needs), including*:

    • Feline viral rhinotracheitis

    • Calicivirus

    • Panleukopenia

    • Feline Leukemia

    • Feline rabies (1-year vaccine)

  • Feline leukemia/FIV test

  • Up to 2 intestinal parasite examinations.

  • One de-worming treatment (as indicated).

  • Nutritional counseling.

  • Microchip & 1st year’s enrollment in Home Again™ Lost Pet Recovery Network.

  • 30 Days of Trupanion™ pet health insurance (valid only when enrolled by pet owner within 24 hours of the exam)

  • First three doses of Revolution

Cost of Kitten Package


*Additional vaccines services extra

**Payment is due in full at the time of the kitten’s first visit

*** There is no cash value to any unused benefits/services/discounts from the Kitten Package.

Recommended Additional Services for Kitten Package Kitties

Discounted spay/neuter surgery is available for those kittens who complete the Kitten Package.

Spay $ 50 off our regular price!

Neuter $ 50 off our regular price!

Please call us for details on our spay & neuter pricing.

* Surgery will include pre-anesthetic blood testing and advanced pain management.

* Surgery must be scheduled within 6 months of the first visit to receive the discounted price.

* Discount only applies when performed at our hospital. No cash value.

Please contact us today for more information, to schedule an appointment, or if we can answer any questions you may have about our Kitten Packages.